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  • Apricot (all pups are in their new homes)
  • Rae (all pups are in their new homes)

Please feel free to email or call to find out about planned litters and their availability. CLICK HERE to go to our contact page.

Apricot - HAPPY NEW YEAR!Apricot is due just after New Year's.... She is a beautiful girl with a lovely coat, good bone and great structure and movement. Hips are OFA EXCELLENT, elbows, eyes and heart normal. Least you think she is ALWAYS this serious,see her smile in the photo below.... Puppies are born and are all spoken for.

Happy girl, ApricotHAPPY GIRL! Tail wagging AND a smile, Apricot is wishing you Merry Christmas. She wanted a photo now because at Christmas she says she will look too "fat" with all her babies.  ;-)

12/26/06 Apricot's bellyA recent (12/26/06) photo of Apricot while she was resting in front of the wood stove. See, she told you she'd look fat at Christmas! Pups born 1/4/07. A difficult delivery of 5, and a subsequent C-Section for the remaining 2. A total of 7 puppies, however 2 girls and the male that was stuck (hence the C-section) went to Rainbow Bridge. The girls were alive (one for 12 hours, one for 24 hours). A rather sad (and L O N G) day. But, the remaining 4 are doing very well and Mom is happy to have her figure back. More photos later.

Here they are, 1 day old. The little girl (darkest) has her face up.

I think Apricot is still feeling the effects of the birthday ordeal. She's a good mommy though!

I forgot to turn off the heat lamp... so they look a little pink... 2 weeks old! Their eyes are opening and they are moving around pretty well.

2 weeks old...

Puppies 2 weeks, 5 days oldOKAY! FINALLY! Here are the kids with their COLORED COLLARS on. NOW, we can tell who's who! Taken at 2 weeks, 5 days old. Diamond (purple collar), Cammo (camouflage collar), Regal (Royal Blue collar), and Pumpkin (orange collar).

Cammo, trying to blend in with the pheasant. I guess we should explain the whole bird dog philosophy...

HI! Who are you? What do you do? Regal is giving the phesant the once over.

RooRoooRoooo! Pumpkin was giving us what for! Wish we had a recorder, he was really funny...

The little girl, Diamond. I am keeping this girl, so check back once in a while! I'll add her own webpage when she is a little older.

Photos at 3 weeks, 2 days old. These photos show the pups darker/more color that they are, but these photos are SO NICE! (No, *I* did NOT take them! Thank Carolyn Terry for the great job!)

Snooze time. Puppies do a LOT of that!

I think I'm getting slleeeppyyyyyy

Y*A*W*N!  I AM sleepy! (The little girl, Diamond).

The 3 Amigos....

Group shot. Don't ask me who's who-- I can't see their collars! They are getting FLUFFY!

7 weeks, 2 days old. What a handsome "Regal" puppy! (photo by Laura Leonhard)

7 weeks, 2 days old. Male puppy "Regal" (photo by Laura Leonhard)

You lookin' at me? "Regal" (photo by Laura Leonhard)

Side shot. ALL these puppies have beautiful heads. "Regal" (photo by Laura Leonhard)

Last one (she took so many wonderful shots!). "Regal" (photo by Laura Leonhard)

Rae 12/10/06Rae is a happy, outgoing girl who LOVES to have her ears scratched and to be in the lime-light. Lighter in color than Apricot and Faith, she has good structure and movment. OFA Good Hips, normal elbows, heart and eyes clear. Sorry I didn't "fix" her eyes - that happened because of the camera flash... really, she has beautiful, dark eyes. Also, she is lighter than what she appears in these photos...9 PUPPIES ARE HERE, photos below!

Rae, playing with toyIt was raining this weekend, so everyone got to play indoors.... Rae is a half sister to our Angel, and we KNOW what beautiful puppies Angel and Pete have had! (Tony and Bobo are 2 of them).

Rae, due 1/12/07Sweet and always happy, Rae delights in being anywhere and doing anything.... she is certainly a PEOPLE PLEASER!

Rae's babies, 1 day old. They wasted NO TIME in finding out where the refreshments were!

Can you find all 9???

The 5 boys, 1 day old.

The 4 girls, 1 day old.

Rae and pups 1 week old1 week old... they've doubled in size. I woke Rae up when I started taking these pictures... sorry Rae!

Mommy's out on a potty break... here are the kids, 1 week old. Notice they have gotten the black pigment on their foot pads and their noses. The darkness seen on the ears looks black, but they aren't!

1 week, 5 days old, just before we change the linens (we already started the laundry, so the used pads are out!).

The pool appears to be shrinking! 1 week, 5 days.

DINNER TIME! 1 week, 5 days old.

1 week, 5 days old. Mom's out so we take the opportunity to play with the babies and change the linens...

Some closeups.... 1 week, 5 days old.

Some closeups.... 1 week, 5 days old.

Some closeups.... 1 week, 5 days old.

I get home late at night (or early in the morning, if you want to be truthful!). Everyone was sleeping and I just couldn't resist this photo! 3 1/2 weeks old.

The litter grew out of the pool, and have been "upgraded" to a puppy pen (in our kitchen, where they've been since birth). Don't you just LOVE the hat the little boy wore to bed? ;-)

This little girl loves to sleep in the weirdest positions!

Nap time at the OK Corral...

Shhhh, let sleeping dogs lie.... a pile of puppies! 6 weeks old.(photo by Laura Leonhard)

DINNER TIME!!! They were on the porch in the shade, so the color is a little more... "golden"....

One of the boys. 6 weeks old.(photo by Laura Leonhard)

"Goldie" one of the boys. 6 weeks old.(photo by Laura Leonhard)

One of the boys...6 weeks old.(photo by Laura Leonhard)

I was in the house bathing a puppy, so I'm not sure if this is one of the girls or not... But HOW CUTE! ;-) 6 weeks old. (photo by Laura Leonhard)

So, they're the color of pine shavings... Well, ALMOST...(photo by Laura Leonhard)

...(photo by Laura Leonhard)

...(photo by Laura Leonhard)

Bye Bye! See ya next time!...(photo of "Pepper" by Laura Leonhard)

This is Red (I'm calling her PEPPER, as in RED CHILI PEPPER!). Pepper saw this play dog and thought she would try to get it to play with her... It was pretty funny. She couldn't figure out why it was just laying there despite her best efforts. (BTW, Pepper is the one we still are looking for the perfect home for).

An outing to Starbucks...