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AAHHH, nothing quite as cute as a fuzzy, cuddly puppy (not counting your own babies and grandchildren!). These 3 boys are from the Pete x Soda litter...  Make sure you click here to read how to pick the right puppy size! (Use your browser's BACK button to return to our site).

Sherman and his new "mom" Artemis (Sherman is one of the 3 pups in the  photo above). A Pete x Soda pup who had an excellent first outing in the show ring! Visit Sherman's page by clicking on his photo. NEWS ALERT! Sherman passed his CGC on Dec 9, 2006.... next is the Therapy Dog test!

Chris, a Pete x Rider puppyA beautiful photo of Chris, a Pete x Rider puppy. He lives in Southern California.

Chris and owner Mariko... Chris completed a puppy training class and "graduated". We are proud of them!

Obie One Kenobie, a Pete x Evie puppy and a good representative of our Promise Puppies! We co-own Obie, and will be taking him to a few shows in 2006.

MidasMidas, a Pete x Soda puppy. Beautiful head study.

Lucy after a swimHere's Lucy, she lives near Palo Alto. A very well put together golden! Looks like she has enjoyed a swim and a shake! Lucy is a Pete x Reign girl. See the birthday party photos below!

A typical Promise Puppy, this is Katie the day she got to go home. (Pete x Angel)

Katie at home, 8 weeks old.

Max, 3 months old (Pete x Angel)

From this.........

TO THIS!!!!! This is Thor, a Pete x Roxy puppy. He lives near Fresno with his sister, Zoie. (below)

From this........

TO THIS!!!!! This is Zoie, Thor's sister, a Pete x Roxy pup!

Ryan and "his Golden Gang". Ryan and his family own a Pete x Reign puppy (Sierra) and a Pete x Evie puppy (Obie). This bunch is the Pete x Reign litter. They were 5 weeks old.

Sierra, a Pete x Reign puppy.

Puppies 1 day old (Pete x Angel)

"Tiger" a Pete x Angel puppy, 6 weeks old

Solo, (Oh Solo Mio)beginning his service dog training... 7 weeks (Pete x Evie, singleton litter - a full brother to our Obie, just a different litter).

Here is a picture of an 8 months old Obie... and helping with the dishes!

Obie....SMILE!!!!! 8 months old

Tilly (now named Bella!), a Pete x Soda puppy... learning to retrieve!

Rudy, a Pete x Soda puppy

Rudy (the puppy) and his friends... in the Colorado Countryside.

Midas, a Pete x Soda puppy.

Midas at 4 months old...

Rudy and Tilly, a couple days old.

"Greenie" (Bailey) a Pete x Reign puppy making her own cool spot!

Riley, the only boy in the Pete x Reign litter, seems to be.... counting his blessings....

Riley again. We originally named him Han Solo, since he was the solo male in the litter. (Pretty clever, don't you think?)  ;-)

Biker Tony!!! A Pete x Angel boy.

Rudy and Tilly, 4 weeks old and outside for the first time... You see how well they follow each other... hahaha

"RedPaw" a Pete x Skittles puppy, after her first bath. She is joined by Santa and eight little reindeer (Heather's socks!).

Happy, a Pete x Skittles puppy (now called JADE, see more of Jade's pictures on the SUMMER FUN page!). 4 weeks old.

Shadow 9 monthsShadow at 9 months. He is one of the 3 puppies in the first photo on this page.

Shadow, at 10 months old, a Pete x Soda puppy.

Shadow 10 monthsShadow again (after playing in the water?) 10 months old.

Jade, the Patriotic Pooch! Jade lives in the desert, so at 8 months old and mid-summer she has a thin coat. Don't worry, they took her WAY UP into the mountains of Utah to cool her off. See more photos on the SUMMER FUN page!

Bailey, a Pete x Reign puppy..... Wow, what a great life!

Cali lives in West Virginia. She is a Pete x Soda puppy.

Here is the Pete x Reign litter eating... look carefully, as the next few photos are of some of these pups at their FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!

4 of 9, that's pretty good! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! THANK YOU ALL who put this together!!!!

Let's see, from left to right: Riley, Sandy,      ,Lucy

What good dogs... all sitting for their birthday cookie!

SandyThis is Sandy, one of the Pete x Reign pups. This was also taken at the birthday party!

BEFORE they turned a year old, Riley and Lucy got together for a play date!

This is Honey, and her family. Honey is a Pete x Skittles puppy.

Nikko, a Pete x Skittles puppy

Lexi, hide n seek!

Someone's in the kitchen with Dina, Somone's in the kitchen I know, oh, oh, oh... Haley, 6 months (Lexi's sister). Helping out in the kitchen... If they train her to do the dishes, she needs to come back here!!! LOL

Sherman and Bo Bo on a play date... I don't know which one's which...

Rosie, who lives near the Northern California Coast.... and is a Pete x Soda puppy.

2 Brew daughters playing follow the leader. Butternut is in front, 7 months old (mom is Skittles). Little Merry is from the Angel litter and is 4 months old. These 2 lucky girls live a wonderful life with owner Chris and family in Santa Cruz!

HAHAHAHA, here's Sierra, a Pete x Reign girl... who says they have to STAY GOLDEN????? What's wrong with a nice mud bath once in a while??!!