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sherman, a pete x soda puppyThe following books can be ordered through amazon.com. We highly recommend these books if you really want to know about dogs and their behavior - and how we humans contribute to our dogs problems!

Dog & Human Behavior: Amazing Parallels - Similarities by C.W. Meisterfeld and co-author Ernest Pecci, M.D.A unique combination of authors ­ a canine psychoanalyst and a psychiatrist ­ compare the similarities and parallels between human and dog behavior.


Psychological Dog Training: Behavior Conditioning with Respect and Trust by C.W. Meisterfeld A book for all dog owners and dog trainers who desire to "train without pain." These techniques work like magic in building a strong, positive relationship with your dog.


Dog Whisper: Intuitive Communication by C.W. MeisterfeldThis collection of thirty-eight true "tails" deals with serious and humorous incidents with dogs which are entertaining and educational at the same time.


Jelly Bean vs. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Written For the SAFETY of our CHILDREN And the WELFARE  of our DOGS by C.W. MeisterfeldThis book helps you to understand how behavioral abnormalities develop and in turn how to prevent them. Positive principles and concepts are explained in this book to both prevent and solve such problems without the use of pain, punishment, or drugs.

Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook- Carlson and Giffin

The Book of the English Springer Spaniel- Nicholas

The New English Springer Spaniel- Goodall and Gasow