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Ron is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Ron is a certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and is listed on AKC's website. What dog owner DOESN'T want a well-mannered dog? Ron uses TRUST & RESPECT training to lay the foundation for good manners. After completing Level 2 you and your dog will fly through the CGC test! Once you have completed the test, you are given the paperwork to send in to the AKC for a certificate to show off to family and friends. You also can order other CGC items, such as the handsome patch on the right. Pete has his CGC patch sewn onto his Service saddlebag. He's proud of his work too! 

There are a lot of dog trainers out there that have some unusual advise.
Respect and Trust Training isn't a "quick fix". It isn't about cute tricks or driven by food based treats.
We don't use prong collars, alpha rolls or throw cans of pennies. We don't scream, yell, or growl at the dog to try to "earn his respect". (Would YOU respect someone who treated YOU that way?!). We don't choke him or hang a dog to try to dominate him - and we certainly don't hit him!

You won't see us on TV showing you how your dog can be fully trained in 15-20 minutes. We won't use "smoke and mirrors", "slight of hand" or any other "magic cure" to train your dog. That's because training takes time and a commitment from you.  YOU need to be consistent and follow through with the lessons. You didn't get through first grade in 15 minutes, and YOUR brain is MUCH BIGGER than the walnut sized brain that lives in your dog's head! Our Philosophy:My Grandpa used to tell me, "If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing right." That's also true in training. We aren't so ignorant as to state our training is the ONLY WAY. That would prove one thing to you - that we are wrong! There are many methods to dog training. Ever wonder why? Because there are many different types of dogs. Dogs respond differently to techniques, just like people. If they were all "cookie cutter" dogs, exactly alike, then training would be simple. But, just like people, dogs are different. Some dogs can handle the heavy-handed training techniques... but most can't. When you train using fear as your motivation... well, let's just say, you get out what you put in. Trust and Respect Training builds upon each lesson that you and your dog learn, using consistency. If your dog already has fear issues, changes will be made in your training program to increase the trust and respect, while minimizing the fear. Your dog needs to learn that you are safe. He will never feel safe if you are always yelling, pulling, or man-handling him.

About treats: For the most part, we don't use treats. HOWEVER. occasionally, tidbits are used until a dog understands what he is being asked to do.

My daughter was pregnant when I first wrote this. Thinking about her started me thinking... 

I know for a fact that as a parent, she is dreaming about her wonderful, super child who will learn quickly, always listen, and always choose to do the right thing. She has seen, and taken care of, children who were… shall we say, less than perfect? But in her heart of hearts, she believes her baby will grow up and be the one, true perfect child.

Just as the majority of new, first-time parents believe their baby to be perfect, the majority of new, first-time dog owners imagine the same about their puppy… In the beginning.

I believe there are many dog owners out there – as in every dog owner – who want a well behaved dog. Otherwise, why get one? Certainly it is not because we have some deep emotional need to have our best shoes turned into shreds of leather jerky, or our new white suit redecorated with muddy paw prints. Nor is it to clean up piles of puppy poop or dog dirt off our new Persian rug or Berber carpet.

It’s because we’ve seen TV programs and movies. Lassie, Old Yeller, 101 Dalmatians, Frazier, and my niece's favorite, Full House.The list goes on. Those well trained dogs are the integral part of their families. Always there in times of need, for better or worse. A best friend. A protector. A healer. A confidant.

In the remake of 101 Dalmatians that uses real dogs, the opening scene shows "Pongo", a handsome Dalmatian dog, making the coffee and toast and bringing in the newspaper! Dog owners somehow think their puppy will grow up to be that intuitive, intelligent, clever and gifted dog, just like Pongo or Lassie.

Here’s the good news. It IS possible to have a great dog, just like you see on TV and in the movies. The bad news? Those dogs weren’t born with Special Knowledge. They were TRAINED. And training your puppy, or dog, is the first step in the relationship that you are seeking to enjoy with your dog.

My training course will help you realize your leadership role and give you the skills needed to help guide your dog into the loyal companion you seek.

CALL ME at 559-355-9915 to start YOUR dog on the road to higher learning... starting with the ABCs of manners. You may also email me at promiseplus@msn.com. MAKE SURE you add a subject line to the email, or it won't get answered! (Something about needing to get your dog trained).

WHAT? Your dog is PAST needing manners? It has TOO MANY PROBLEMS to worry about manners? I specialize in problem dogs, so give me a call. Think about why you got your dog in the first place-- and try to do whatever it takes to help him grow into the dog you will be proud to own.