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Tony (Pete/Angel) at Santa CruzHere is our schedule of upcoming shows that WE are personally planning to attend. Some of our dogs will be attending MANY MORE shows- all over the USA- as they are out with handlers. If you're interested in meeting us at any of the following shows, please email me and I can give you directions, ring numbers and ring times...

I am very late in adding the 2009 shows to the website.... We've gone to several, however I will add those that are still upcoming.


26-27        Rancho Cordova, CA  UKC

3,4,5         Ventura, CA   AKC

11,12        Carmel, CA   AKC

29-30        Rancho Cordova, CA   UKC


5-6           Hayward, CA   UKC

26-27        Tulare, CA   UKC


17,18,19    Pleasanton, AKC, Norcal Golden Retriever specialty and all breed shows

OKAY! Our first show after Heather had baby Julane at the end of December is April 12-13 in Modesto, CA.... Julane's first dog show.....   :-)

THIS LIST IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE! If you are hoping to meet us at a show near you, please email or call to be sure we'll be there.

  • Tonka will be out with his breeder/handler starting in Fall 2008 - on the East Coast circuit. (We'll miss him-but he'll be in GREAT hands!)


12,13 Modesto,UKC

25 Golden Retriever specialty LA (Chino)

26, 27 Chino, AKC


24, 25 Clarement, UKC


8 Vallejo, AKC


12,13 Carmel AKC

19,20 Oxnard AKC (we have never gone to this one, but it is out of the heat again, so, depending on how our dogs are doing, we may go)


9,10 Torrance AKC Always go!

14,15,16,17 Santa Rosa, AKC Again, may go, depending on how dogs are doing and the weather....

23,24 Santa Barbara AKC.... this one is out of the heat too!


4,5 Roseville AKC


18 Pleasanton, AKC, Norcal Golden Retriever specialty, there's usually an all breed show in conjunction with this, but it's not yet listed on infodog.

We are now on BABY WATCH for Heather's baby... Due 12/9 thru 14/07

Oct 6          Tracy, CA     HEATHER'S BABY SHOWER!  ;-)

Sept 29-30   Hanford, CA        UKC Shows

Sept 22-23   Antioch, CA         Int'l Shows

Sept 19-22   Seattle, WA        GRCA NATIONAL (Golden retrievers only)

Sept 15-16   Elk Grove, CA      English Springer Specialty

Aug 17-18    Rancho Cordova, CA UKC Shows

Aug 11-12    Torrance, CA        AKC

July 21-22    Claremont, CA       UKC Shows

July 6-8       Ventura, CA          AKC

June 2-3      Claremont, CA       UKC Shows

May 26-28    Claremont, CA       UKC Shows

Apr 28-29     Bakersfield, CA      UKC Shows 

Mar 17-18     Modesto, CA         UKC shows

Feb 3-4        Fresno, CA            AKC

Jan 19-21     Ventura, CA          AKC

Jan 13,14      Santa Rosa CA       Int'l Shows

October 28       Riverside, CA

October 15       Bloomington, CA  UKC show (2 shows)

October 7-14     Pomona, CA   English Springer Spaniel NATIONAL

Sept 23-24        Antioch, CA    Int'l show

August 19-20     Anaheim, CA   Int'l show

August 12.13     Torrance, CA

July 7-8            Ventura, CA

June 3-4           Madera, CA - Int'l show

May 27-28         Placerville, CA

May 20-21         Vallejo, CA

April 29-30         Huntington Beach, CA - Springer Specialty

April 8-9            Merced, CA 

March 11,12       Fresno, CA

March 2,3,4,5     Hanford, CA    

February 11-12   Santa Rosa, CA   SEE SHOW BRAGS PAGE for results!

October 28-30   Dixon, CA   Golden Retriever Specialty and all breed dog shows

September 24-25     Antioch, CA##CANCELLED--we have a wedding to attend.

August 27-28    Sonora, CA

August 20-21    Santa Cruz, CA

August 13-14    Torrance, CA

July 8-10          Ventura, CA

June 18-19        Lodi, CA

May 28-29        Placerville, CA

May 21-22        Vallejo, CA

April 28-May 1    Hollister, CA

April 2-3            Bakersfield, CA

March 12-13      Fresno, CA

March 3-6         Hanford, CA

January            Ventura, CA