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Obie, Jump Right In!We're JUMPING INTO SUMMER with the help of Sierra (Pete x Reign). Thanks to all our puppy people who send great photos to us so we can sheare them with YOU!

How's THIS for a great FLYING shot??? This is Buddy Bobak, star of the Bobak's Flying Water Circus... LOL. Buddy was on vacation with his family in Texas, Summer 2007. THANKS for such a wonderful shot! BTW, I'd give him a 10.0 for form!

Buddy Bobak on the Sea-Doo with Norm.

Summer 2007, Haley, Jake & Paprika in the pool...Marika is keeping watch.

Here they are again, only they have changed places. From left to right. Jake, Paprika and Haley. That's Katalin, Paprika's "mom" in the pool.

Banjohere's Banjo, trying out for the Summer Olympics. Banjo is a Pete/Apricot puppy.

BanjoBanjo and his bumper...

Obie, joyful pool dog!I think it's fair to say Sierra  LIKES the pool now!

Flying SierraDOGS CAN FLY... update on your local news... A UFO was sited in Torrance, CA today... later identified as Sierra, a female Golden Retriever, owned and loved by her family Eric, Kathy and Ryan. This family owns a SECOND FLYING DOG! See photo below!

That's right folks! Here is the Amazing Obie, Flying over the family pool. Wonder if he did a belly flop? The object of his exhuberant affection is the waterlogged tennis ball... I think Sierra's dive rates a 9.0, while Obie's is a 7.5... although perhaps he should receive a point for his ears which are flying high as well?

Obie, Pool NymphSierra and her smile.... can't you just FEEL how cool the pool is???

Obie "saving" the tennis ballHere's Obie. They finally got him into the pool... with the tennis ball, now they can't get him out!

Obie and SierraMarco......Polo..... Hey, you're supposed to have your eyes closed! In the lead is Obie (Pete x Evie) and close behind is Sierra (Pete x Reign).

Fetch the ball, Riley!Not to be outdone, here is Riley (Pete x Reign) enjoying the wet Summer fun in HIS favorite swimmin' hole!

Riley wet and happyThat red ball is pretty slippery when it's wet! But, I think I have it cornered....

Riley and his red ballHEY, how come it keeps MOVING so fast? Oh well, at least I know I'M A COOL CANINE!!!

Tony (Pete x Angel) LOVES to jump! Especially into water...see more pictures of Tony by clicking his photo.

Summer in lakeSummer in the lake! (Pete x Angel)

Summer summer campHere's Summer, at summer camp!

Summer (the dog's name!) here with her best friend, taking a boat ride!

This is Jade, (Pete x Skittles) swimming IN THE FREEZING water, coming off the SNOW in August 2005!

As promised, here is Jade, in the SNOW, in the SUMMER! I think she's trying to dig up some warmer weather... (Aug 2005)

Whatever Jade's looking for.... I wonder if she ever found it?

OK, I admit you Jade looks a little odd here... but she just jumped up and caught the ball, and the photo was taken mid gallop afterwards... But isn't it cool how the reflection in the water/sand is???

Jade walking along the water's edge. This was Jade's first ever visit to the beach! Summer 2006 (August).

After playing at the beach, Jade went back to the high country, where she played in the snow again - and YES this is during the SUMMER when the rest of us were melting in the heat! (2006)

Here is the very first Pete x Angel litter enjoying a day poolside.